Why Game On Foods?

Fan Cheering


  • Game On Foods, Inc is a licensee of confectionary goods for MLB, NHL, and an increasing number of NCAA schools and conferences.

  • By combining brands recognized around the world by millions of fans and alumni, delicious products, and eye-catching packaging, our products are sure to be a product everyone wants to get their hands on.

  • We also leverage our expertise in customizable small-batch product by offering a variety of co-packing and private label services.


  • Game On Foods is able to send orders of any size directly to you anywhere in the US. Make sure to order between October 1st and April 1st to avoid temperature-related surcharges.


Floor Displays

Our Floor Displays are available for all 30 teams and can fit any customized mix of our product offerings including mixed teams.​

Display Ready Cases

All of our products are made and shipped in a display ready case that can immediately be placed on your shelf.

Clip Strips

Clip strips help fit our products anywhere in your store.